PQ Finance

Property Tax Assessment Reports for Cities, Districts & Bond Issuers

ParcelQuest's unique relationship with California's county assessors gives clients access to better mid-year assessment data, enabling them to more accurately forecast property tax revenue, efficiently manage levy administration and better evaluate the underlying assessed value of any California general obligation bond.

PQ Finance offers:

  • Closed Roll Data

    Our clients receive the county closed roll data in a standardized state-wide format — often several days before they would have received it from the county directly.

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  • I-TRaC™ Reports

    What would the total assessed value for property in your city or district be If The Roll Closed today? The quarterly I-TRaC™ report provides insight into valuation trends specific to your city or district.

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  • Metrics Reports

    This one-page report exposes the effect of Proposition 8 reductions on the total assessed value for virtually any bond issue in the state. With up to four years of history, the metrics report provides analysts with information not available from any other source.

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