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Transaction history
Access the transaction history for parcels throughout California. At the Aviator level, you'll have FREE, unlimited access to the full transaction history, including recording dates, doc numbers, doc types, buyer and seller names, lender names, and other information captured from the documents. Navigator subscribers will have free access to recording dates and doc types, with the full transaction history report available for purchase on an individual parcel basis.

$19.95 per report FREE

Recorded Documents
Purchase any document with a single click from either a parcel's detail page or from the parcel's full transaction history. You can also search for a specific document by document type or document number!

$5.00 each $5.00 each

Export your data
Export data to spreadsheets and mail merge programs. With your subscription, you can export addresses, assessment values, property characteristics and tax information directly into excel. You can even customize what you’d like to export directly from our property list view!

1,000 monthly exports included. $0.25 per each additional export. 10,000 monthly exports included. $0.10 per each additional export.

UNLIMITED Property tax bill data
Access tax bills, taxes due, delinquent taxes, line items on tax bills and due dates. See tax bill data by parcel or search by tax agency, delinquencies, delinquent dates, taxes owed, and more!


UNLIMITED Finance data
See estimated market values, total outstanding loans, loan to value ratio, available equity and lendable equity on your parcel of interest. View first, second or even third position loan data including loan date and type, interest rate, document number, loan value and lender name and type.


UNLIMITED Text-Based Searches
Search county assessor data across all 58 California counties (13 million properties).

included included

UNLIMITED property information and profiles
Get a current assessor profile for any property in California, including ownership, address, assessment, sales history and property characteristics. Print full property profiles, abbreviated reports and list profiles.

included included

View, print, measure areas, add text and save our APN maps.

included included

Interactive aerial and street maps
Click directly on an aerial photo or street map to display the parcel boundary, owner name and address! Draw, measure, or export shape files directly from the interactive map!

included included

Extensive visual layer library
Overlay informational, visual layers onto the interactive Map. Our extensive layer library includes parcel boundaries, fire hazard, topography, fire responsibility, dam inundation, earthquake, seismic, wildland fire hazard, county boundaries, FEMA Flood, coastal, section boundaries, and more!

included included

Mailing and notification tools
Select properties by proximity to parcels, custom-drawn areas, lines or points. Create mailing labels, radius maps and notification lists.

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Reports available for download
Generate accurate multi-parcel property profiles and various reports in *pdf format including dam inundation, wildland fire hazard, topography, soils, fire hazard, earthquake fault zone, flood hazard, fire services, seismic hazard and more!

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Upload your list of APNs
Apply all of ParcelQuest's advanced search functions against your own list of uploaded APNs!

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PQ Navigator PQ Aviator